Check our Terms and Conditions prior your reservation.


Age / Driver: Minimum age is 21 years, maximum 75 years.
All driving licenses which have been issued within the European Community will be accepted.
Other National driving licenses must be accompanied by a valid International Drivers Permit.
Drivers must also show their passport on collection as additional proof of identity.
Minimum Rental period, 24 hours.. All rates include VAT. All customers that desire to extend the rental period of the car he has to contact the agency at least 24 hours before the initial expiration time.
You are fully responsible for the cost of any parking fines or other penalties incurred whilst the Vehicle is on rent to you. Margarita Rent a Car will pass the relevant charge on to you plus any administrative expenses.
Vehicles cannot be taken / ferried to another island or main land without our written authorization.
The rented vehicle must be returned in an acceptable state (interion and exterior). Any extra cleaning, repair or damage will be charged to customer.


Your vehicle will only be held available for up to two hours after the agreed collection time. Please contact us if you plan to arrive after the scheduled time.


Margarita Rent a Car will ask you to pay a deposit when you make your reservation. The rest of your payment will be paid locally when you visit our rental station or office.


No credit will be given for the unused portion of the Rental Period.


If the Vehicle is returned later than the time specified in the voucher, the supplier will apply a charge.


If a cancellation is made prior to 10 days of arrival time (pickup), no cancellation fee is required. For cancellations that take place within 24 hours prior to arrival time the cancellation fee is equal to the deposit made at the time of booking.


Any additional drivers are arranged for and paid for locally and are not included in the basic rental price. Additional drivers must present either passport or 2 forms of ID in addition to drivers licence. Minimum/Maximum age restrictions apply.


Special Request items are available upon request and are subject to availability.

Baby / Child Seats

Baby seats are available. (Customer must specify the age of baby).

Navigation System

Only when available.

Roof Racks

Only when available.

INSURANCE POLICY & AGREEMENTS (as written on the back of your contract)

1.  The C.D.W. of F.D.W. insurance conditions are valid only if signed by the customers on the rental agreement.

F.D.W. the customer will not be charged for any damages that he/she causes accidentally to the           
vehicle unless the damages were due to violations of the Greek traffic law or the terms of    
paragraph 2 of this agreement. In this case the customer is obligated to cover the amount of
C.D.W. The customer will be charged with the excess amount that is written on the front  
page of this agreement for any damages on the car. That also includes damages caused while  
parked and unattended. The customer is liable to pay the total cost of damages if he/she
violate the Greek traffic law or the terms of paragraph 2 of this rental agreement.
2.  USE OF THE CAR: All insurance conditions are invalid if
a) the driver or cod driver(s) are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, etc.
b) the vehicle is driven by any other person that the customer and his/her additional authorized driver(s) who they are also liable with the customer under his agreement.
c) the vehicle is used to propel or tow any vehicle / trailer or other objects.
d) in any race test or contest.
e) to transfer or carry heavy-luggage or objects, inflammable materials.
f) driving at the beach (sandy, rocky, etc).
g) for damages caused by careless driving or on purpose.
h) to carry passengers in excess of the respective seating capacity.
i) in other than a paved road or public highway.
j) by any person without lessir's pior permission.
k) by less than 21 year of age, unqualified driver.

3.  In case of accident or any incident (fire, theft, etc.) customer is obliged to:
a) Call the police.
b) Obtain names and addresses of eyewitness and all relevant information from third party or parties.
c) Contact immediately the lessor by phone or any other means.
d) Complete and sign an accident report within 24 hours from the time of the accident if required.
e) Send/give documents or information related to the accident, and give his/her license photo copy to the lesser.

4.  MAINTENANCE - REPAIRS: Abnormal wear and caused through negligence will be repaired by the office's means and paid prior by the customer.

FULL INSURANCE Undertake to inform, within 24 hours.

6.  ACCEPTANCE: You hereby undertake to return the vehicle at the excitation of the rental. Failing                
that i hereby authorize the office to withdraw from me the car in any price it fiche be at my
own risk and expenses, unless an extension of the rental.

7.  RESPONSIBILITY: From the time of signing the present rental agreement till the return of the
car, you will be considered the owner of the vehicle. Consequently you will be responsible for fines, infringements and summons taken against me. Forgery or taking off the Greek Tourism Organizations' signs are absolutely forbidden. Moreover it is strictly forbidden to you to abandon the car. In such case the office will charge you with all the expenses incurred for the collection of the vehicle and its safe return at the office's premises.

8.  DURATION OF RENTAL: Contracting parties mutually agree to respect rental period.

9.  COMPETENCE: By express agreement in case of any dispute whatsoever arise from the
present contract, you plead that Greek Courts are the only competent to deal with the case. COPY of the present has been delivered to you (the client) Renter upon signature.